New Categories

Remote working

Remote working solutions

The following categories are designed specifically to look at how businesses navigated the uncharted waters in 2020. The judges are looking to see how businesses adapted throughout the year to keep clients engaged, the solutions offered to help those in crisis and then innovative solutions to help unburden staff.
The judges are looking for a flexible response which delivered beyond customers’ requirements
Submissions can only have been introduced from February 2020 onwards. These could be e-commerce, remote security or digital transformation – any project rapidly brought to effectiveness.
Solutions can include managed services – what took the pressure off hard-pressed support staff in 2020?

This category will measure how channel partners and vendors responded rapidly to aid client during the pandemic whether to secure potential data breach or urgently shift an organisation to remote working. Submissions should include details of specific examples where possible.

Open to channel partner and vendors.

This category will assess how responsive channels partners have been to their clients rapidly changing requires during the pandemic. It will measure continuing customer satisfaction levels, number of tickets closed and social media engagement.

Open to channel partners and vendors